Who is Thrive2Distinction?

Ray Snow is a professionally qualified practitioner  and consultant with a number of key skills to his resume.

With over 25 years experience in:

  • Technical I.T. Service referral to trusted, compliant providers. Plan your business and Data correctly giving you efficiency and an edge on your competitors

  • Cyber Security - we have contacts with leading experts to provide you with security and peace of mind in a dangerous cyber world

  • ATS Troubleshooting

  • GDPR Training

  • Process Analysis & Consultancy

  • GDPR Compliance Practitioner

  • Data protection Officer

Ray is able to offer a fully qualified business process consultancy which is guaranteed to reduce expenditure and improve businesses efficiency. Not only that, your business becomes compliant with GDPR regulations, despite the mine field of legal pressure.

"Business compliance and technical structure, made simple..."



In a simplistic view, businesses that function without a planned process or compliance generally haemorrhage financial resources, create stress and anxiety and remove focus from its business owner. The unrest can feed to the staff, which is never a good thing.This is why my promise, and my vision to a clients is:

"To successfully help businesses Identify their shortfalls, Evaluate their situation, and provide enough Resolve to create a happy and efficient workforce, every time"