How long does it take your organisation to resolve its problems?

Troubleshooters are special people. They walk into a mess and make sense out of it. They recognise problems early when others have missed them, and they find the root cause of problems and fix them permanently. That mess could be hurting you financially, or even worse, damaging you professionally. So where do you start?

There are two methods of troubleshooting

  1. Knowledge and Experience

  2. A Process of some description

Once your most experienced member of staff is scratching his head and not knowing where to turn, you need a formal, tried and tested process that works. ATS is an extremely effective tool, and was used during the Apollo 13 NASA mission.

You could employ an ATS program leader to help walk you through to the resolution,

that you already know, but without a process, cannot find.


Process that works...

1. Find True Cause

2. Describe the Problem

3. Think Beyond the Fix

4. Select a Fix