I.T. Asset Disposal (ITAD) and Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling or IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) as it’s known is an industry built around the need to dispose of redundant or obsolete IT hardware. If a business owns or uses IT equipment, it has a legal requirement for this service.

Many see IT Assets simply as waste, but in reality they are much more complex due to the potential security risks, hazardous components and potential monetary value they hold.

The concept has shifted from an unregulated, unsecure, informal service provider to a highly certified and accredited provider like ICEX.

Our partner ICEX Ltd is fully regulated and provides the following services:

Rebates & Repurposing


• We also provide a repurposing service for which currently we see almost two thirds of everything we take in being repurposed and resold for use elsewhere (the rest is recycled with nothing going to landfill). In many cases we are able to offer our customers rebates back on the equipment that still has value such as laptops and PCs and networking equipment. Naturally with the way things are economically we get a lot of interest in this from the public sector.


• With our IT remarketing processes ICEX can make substantial annual savings for a business by reselling redundant IT assets, helping to offset some of the costs incurred in buying new equipment.


• We work with an open book policy with our clients to remarket your IT, once the costs for data cleansing, servicing and repairing equipment have been covered. We profit share any residual money, neutralising our charges and returning some value on a client’s redundant IT.

You can contact them directly with the details below. When calling, please advise that you were referred by 'Ray Snow of Thrive2Distinction Ltd'.

Tel: 01376 503 900

Email: info@icex.co.uk

Web: https://www.icex.co.uk